Establishing Your Support Network with Expert Medical Council Members
Our services provide each student with the security of knowing they are submitting a
quality application to medical schools. The National Council of Medical School
Consultants are experienced in scrutinizing medical school applications, personal
statements, essays and letters of recommendation and will provide feedback on
how to make a lasting impression on admission committee members.

Review Primary Application (AMCAS)We will conduct a detailed review of your AMCAS primary application to look for red flags that may impede your opportunities. We will make suggestions, highlight your strengths and guide you in creating a lasting impression on committee members.

Review and Edit Personal Statement We provide the highest possible quality of editing services and advice tailored to the concerns of admissions committees. Our experts will focus on style, organization, word choice and grammar. Your personal statement is a great way for you to stand out.

Review Secondary Essays Some schools require additional essays on their secondary applications to get a better sense of who you are as a person. Our team of professional editors will review, edit and offer suggestions to insure you are submitting a well thought out response.

Review TMDSAS Application If you are applying to Texas medical schools our Texas Consultants will review your TMDSAS application thoroughly. We will make suggestions to highlight your strengths and we will guide you in creating a lasting impression on committee members.

Review Letters of RecommendationCurious on how strong your letters of recommendation are? We maintain the confidentiality of your letters, but will disclose their strength and how they fare against other applicants. A poor LOR can easily cost you an interview or acceptance.

Help In Choosing Your Medical SchoolsIf you need help choosing which schools to apply to, our consultants will pair you with medical schools that look for applicants with your specific background. Applying smart is the best way to save money and increase your probability of receiving interviews.

Phone Consultation Q&A If you have questions specific to medical school or the application process and would like to have them answered by a committee member, we now offer a Q&A service. This is your opportunity to have the medical school myths dispelled once and for all.

Review TMDSAS EssaysOur team of professional editors will review your required essay and/or the two optional TMDSAS essays. Our editors have over a decade of experience with medical school essays and will focus on style, organization, word choice and grammar.