The Admissions Council is committed to bringing pre-medical students a true advantage.

Applying to medical school is a competitive and arduous process that yields a relatively low probability of success. With most schools offering 3 seats for every 100 applicants, it is critical that students strategically plan their application. We invite you to learn more about The Admissions Council and how our services can give you the edge in getting your application noticed.
Your Application Needs To Stand Out
Most applications to medical school tend to be quite similar. In order to stand out, a well developed and professional application that shows off who you really are is required. We often find well qualified applicants to be dismissed for failing to achieve this ability.Your Writing Skills Are Underdeveloped
This is the #1 reason qualified applicants get ignored by the admissions committee. It is unbelievable how many students lack the ability to write clearly, concisely, and with a clear focus. The personal statement and essays carry a significant amount of weight.

You’re Unsure Of Your LOR Strength
We often come across letters of reference that are weak or somewhat negative. Submitting a lackluster letter is a sure way to impede an interview, or worse, an acceptance. Assure that your confidential letters are not hurting your application.

You’re Looking For Advice From Current Expert Consultants
All of our consultants are currently associated with an allopathic medical school in the United States. We have a strong network of colleagues that are truly qualified to answer all of your questions. You should no longer be misled by unsolicited myths.

Applying With Non-Impressive Statistics
One of our specialties is getting students with low statistics (GPA and/or MCAT) interviews for medical school. Although these applicants have a lower probability we know how to focus your application to get the attention of committee members. 

You’re Lacking EC Experience
The only thing that can save poor EC’s are very impressive statistics, but even then, an opportunity to interview will be affected. All committee members are looking to see that you have a life outside school and textbooks. Use this section to showcase your talents.

You Need Help Choosing Schools
With the expense of applying to medical school, knowing the right schools to apply to is critical. We know which schools favor what attributes and pair you accordingly. This method will maximize your probability of receiving an interview.

You’re Looking To Gain An Advantage Over Other Applicants
Having your application refined by our expert council members will certainly give you an advantage. However, this does not mean you will have an advantage over all applicants, but over those that are in your same selection category.