The Admissions Council has three consulting divisions. Each member from The National Council of Medical School Consultants is assigned to a division based on his/her expertise. Members from each of the divisions will often work together to discuss an applicant’s file.

Medical School Applications
Consultants from this division have reviewed hundreds of applications and are experts in what works and what doesn’t. Each consultant is currently associated with a US allopathic medical school. Our network spans the entire United States.
Personal Statement & Essays
Our expert editors consist of English professors who have a strong understanding of both the English language and the medical school admissions process. They are experts in making the ideas and storyline of your personal statement and essays memorable and eloquent.
Phone Consultations
Phone consultants are not pre-med counselors. Our expert consultants are current members associated with US allopathic medical schools. They will give you real answers and help dispel any erroneous myths that currently circulate.

Due to the sensitivity of having our consultants currently associated with actual medical schools where our clients are applying, by law we maintain a confidentiality agreement and do not disclose consultant names or their affiliated medical school. We can however, offer you information on their qualifications and the success each consultant has on getting their students into amazing medical programs.

The Admissions Council is highly selective in choosing its consultants. We understand that admission into medical school is a dynamic process that changes from year to year. To be truly effective in advising, consultants must have experience and currently informed in the medical school admissions process to relay any changes in the process. Our mission is to bring pre-medical students “current” and “accurate” advice to strengthen and polish their application.


Our consultants have carefully reviewed hundreds of student applications to medical school and are experts in knowing what qualities produce favorable results and which ones do not. Each consultant is currently associated with a US allopathic medical school assuring you receive current and accurate advice. The Admissions Council has consultants in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington D.C., however, our network spans many more states across the US.

Due to the high demand of our services and the limited amount of consultants, the months of May-August fill up very quickly. Applying to medical school should be treated as a strategic process and not waiting until the last minute will give you ample time to correct any deficiencies in your application. We always recommend having the primary application reviewed one year before you plan to apply to maximize your opportunities. All other consulting services can be done at any time. You may use the SAMPLE APPLICATION link to create a rough draft of your medical school application.


Our personal statement and essay consultants are truly the best expert editors around. The Admissions Council has selected distinguished English professors who have both, a strong understanding of the English language and the medical school admissions process. They have reviewed and edited to perfection, thousands of personal statements and essays for medical school. They will assist you in making your personal statement a self-marketing masterpiece.

Most students are surprised to find out how much weight the personal statement actually has on their medical school application. This is one of the few areas where you are in control of making your application truly standout. Our consultants will review your initial personal statement, make edits and recommendations, work closely with you for one week and then review and edit your final draft. Each editor is committed to getting your personal statement and essays noticed for the right reasons.


What sets us apart from all other companies is the fact that all of our consultants are currently associated with US allopathic medical schools. This allows us to give current information and not rely on information from decades past. We have consultants for every type of applicant; for those wishing to attend a top-ten medical school or those just hoping to get into a US medical school. Set up an appointment with one of our consultants today and find out why so many students have been successful in achieving their dream. When you want a real answer, ask a real expert.

Telephone consultation is a great way for pre-medical students to become informed of how the actual process of admissions works. This is an opportunity for the student to ask an expert how their particular application can be improved. Our consultants will discuss your qualifications with you and advise you on which experiences and characteristics to focus on and which ones to exclude. Telephone consultations are also a great way to prepare for an interview and ask questions that will help you be memorable.