The Admissions Council is comprised entirely of members from The National Council of Medical School Consultants. Each member is carefully selected on the basis of their expertise and qualifications. The council functions as a consortium, to provide each student with unparalleled resources. The primary focus for The Admissions Council is to help each student submit a well developed and professional application to medical school.

We have helped thousands of students obtain their goal of attending medical school. In fact, each year we successfully counsel students with low GPA’s and/or MCAT’s on how to acquire acceptance into US allopathic medical schools. We never provide false hope to students and always present factual probabilities of acceptance to each applicant.


The advantage students receive from our services comes from the guidance of our expert medical council members. Our consultants have reviewed countless applicaticccons and understand what works and what doesn’t. They will help you find your unique qualities and showcase your talents, giving your application and eye catching and focused structure.

Due to the time and attention we provide to each applicant, we are limited to
reviewing only 100 applications per month. If you are interested in using our
services, please plan ahead as spaces fill up quickly.